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I do not have a Paypal account. Can I pay with my VISA card?

Sure you can! To pay by credit card always choose the payment method "PayPal" and the first page of PayPal look on the left you'll find an area titled "Do not have a PayPal account?" and a "Continue" button. If you click on "Continue" you can enter your credit card without registering with PayPal.


Which credit cards do you accept?


Can I customize an article with my name?

Many items on sale are customizable. For example, all the napkin holders can be personalized with a name in the drop down list inside the Article tab to choose the "Customize Name" and in "Name" enter what you want there to be written.

Can I be reimbursed if an item is broken during transport?

Depends on the shipping rate you choose: for small items such as magnets or tile "careful", you can also choose to ship priority mail. Careful packaging and the very nature of Article minimize the risk of damage during transport article and let you save some '. If you want to be sure Oten a refund in the event of damage during transport we suggest you choose one of two shipments insured offer: 3 ensures quick package (13 € for Italy) or a quick package plus Insured (20 € for 'Italy).

Tab of an article I read "average completion time 14 days": I have to wait all this time to receive the product?

Normally, items for sale are in stock and then waiting times are short. It may happen that an item is temporarily out: given the craftsmanship of the product the average time to make one copy is given article tab. The same applies if you choose to customize a product with your name. To Pottery Roggi is not a mass production, but traditional: they must therefore be respected time to paint, ceramic cook and let it rest. We suggest you always contact us to ask if an item is available or not.


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